Halifax, NS | Wed, August 20th, 2014

Allnovascotia.com is an exclusive online news site based in Nova Scotia, Canada.

A group of nearly 20 professional journalists work from an office in Halifax everyday producing a must have analytical news package designed for the busy professional.

1. Why should I subscribe?

Allnovascotia tracks all the local players and keeps readers abreast of everything that's happening in the world of Nova Scotia business and politics.

Our beat reporters are experts in their field who analyze the issues and make important connections.

We also track all court filings and produce a daily report on government tenders.

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2. Do I need an app for my mobile device?

No. Simply link to our website www.allnovascotia.com and our mobile site will display on your mobile device.

3. What if I'm strapped for time?

Allnovascotia coverage is specifically designed and edited for busy professionals and business executives.

Daily headlines are emailed to every subscriber at 11 pm when current news is loaded to the website. Readers can peruse the entire issue using any mobile device or pc, or quickly access the coverage that is important to them.

Subscribers never miss important events. From time to time, when big news can't wait, a short bulletin is sent out.

4. Can I look at past coverage?

Allnovascotia features over 10 years of searchable archives which are a key research tool

5. What is the cost of Allnovascotia.com?

Allnovascotia introductory rate is $15 per month. Payments are automatically billed to a credit card on the first day of each month.

After two months of service, subscribers will be contacted so they can take advantage of our regular pricing, which is $30 per month for a maximum of three users. (Some conditions apply.)

6. Do I have to continue the service when I sign up?

No. Subscribers are never under any obligation. Service can be stopped or started at any time.

7. How do I subscribe?

Click on the subscribe key above, or call our office at 902-446-4130.